Nutrition in the First Year of Life

Nutrition in the First Year - Free Video Series

This video series is designed as a detailed overview of feeding a healthy baby in the first 12 months of life. It has been prepared and presented by Dr Anita Star. Scroll down to see videos below.

Video 1- Feeding the newborn up to about 6 months of age

Video 2- Introduction to Solids- Kitchen Demo

Video 3- Responsive Intro to Solids

Video 4- Introducing Solids in Babies at High Risk of Food Allergy

Video 5- When to See a Paediatric Dietitian

Information in this series is not suitable for babies born prematurely, with special needs or specific health concerns.

The series does not replace advice given to you by your doctor. All babies should have regular checks and growth monitored by a GP or Maternal and Child Health Nurse or Paediatrician.  Any concerns with feeding or growth should be discussed with your GP or Paediatrician, and in a face to face consultation with a Paediatric Dietitian,

Please enjoy the series.

Got questions or need help with feeding your little one? Anita offers individual consultations in person or via skype. Click consults with Dr Anita Star on the main menu.

Feeding Baby The First 6 Months

Introduction to Solids

Responsive Introduction to Solids

Introducing Solids to Babies at High Risk of Food Allergy

When to see a paediatric dietitian

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