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Are you looking for for an inspiring speaker for a workshop, expo or event? Dr Anita Star is highly regarded PhD qualified Nutrition Scientist and Accredited Practising Dietitian with expertise in mothers health, pregnancy nutrition, infant, child and adolescent nutrition, weight management and eating disorders. Anita is very experienced in delivering workshops and presentations in a variety of settings.


Contact Anita today on: anita@drstar.com.au

In the Media

ABC Babytalk with Penny Johnston

ABC podcast interview with Penny Johnston on Babytalk – October 2018


WIN News- Border & North East

July 2018


Interviewed/ cited in story by Paula Goodyer- 2014


Previous Speaking Engagements

Community Speaking & Workshops

Galen College 2015 & 2018 – Workshop and cooking class on teen nutrition in the “Impossible Made Possible Wellbeing Program”


Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health 2014-2015- Regular Healthy Cooking workshops with Adults; School Holidays- Children’s Cooking Program, and Introducing Solids Presentation and Cooking Workshop with local mothers group


Autism Spectrum Disorder Community Parents Group, Afternoon workshop on nutrition, Albury 2015


Invited Speaker at Professional Conferences & Workshops

Star A, “Innovations in Dietary Advice: Nutritional management of obesity in complex cases- a closer look at co-morbid disordered eating and PCOS”. GP Exchange Conference, Milawa Victoria, December 2015.


Star A Effective multidisciplinary management of eating disorders: The Dietitian role alongside psychological and medical treatment. Albury Wodonga Branch network meeting of the Australian Psychological Society 2015.


Star A, “Obesity and Eating Disorders” at the Australian and New Zealand Society for Obesity Annual Scientific Meeting, Melbourne, October 2013    


Star A, “Evidence and Risk of Salicylate Elimination Diets in Children: A Dietitians Perspective” at  Sydney Nutrition Update Day “Programming for a healthy life – The First 1000 Days are important” Joint initiative by Nestle Nutrition Institute and the Nutrition Society of Australia July 27th 2013


Star A, Parker L, O’Connor E, A’Beckett K. Eating Disorders- Two case studies. NSW Child Health Allied Health Telehealth Session, June 2011


Star A. Obesity and co-morbid Eating Disorder Behaviours: Prevalence, Wellbeing and Implications for Obesity Prevention and Treatment. University of Western Sydney, School of Medicine, Research Seminar Series, April 2012


Gray P, Hayek A, Star A. Empiric food exclusion – What harm can it do? Sydney Children’s Hospital Grand Rounds, April 2011.


Spencer F, Darby (néeStar) A. Exercise and Nutrition in the Management of Depression (workshop). 2nd Annual Symposium for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Research and Clinical Practice. Sydney September 2010.


Darby (néeStar) A Disordered eating, obesity and common eating disorders in the community: Evidence & implications for dietetic practice. NSW Child Health Allied Health Telehealth Session, May 2010.



Other Research Presentation’s, Lectures, Tutorials & Workshops

Griffith University 2012-2014 –Senior Lecturer involved in delivering lectures, tutorials, workshops, and in the following areas

  • Teaching into Nutrition through the Lifecycle, covering the following areas- Nutrition in Infants and Toddlers, Nutrition 2-12 years
  • Teaching Into Clinical Dietetics, Covering the following Aspects: Food Allergy and Intolerance, Obesity, Diabetes, Mental Health, Eating Disorders
  • Nutrition Issues and Priorities- Social, cultural, political and environmental determinates of nutrition and health outcomes; public health strategies to prevent and manage chronic disease; populations at risk of poor nutrition outcomes, nutrition and health policy
  • Nutrition Counselling- Motivational Interviewing and CBT
  • Nutrition Research Methods
  • Psychology for Population Health
  • Inter-professional Development & Clinical Learning through Extended Immersion in Medical Simulation
  • Clinical Placements


University of Wollongong 2010 & 2011, specialist lectures- on Eating Disorders and Paediatric Growth and Nutrition, for the Dietetic Undergraduate and Masters Levels programs


Sydney Children’s Hospital, Junior Medical Officer teaching program 2010- Providing lectures on infant nutrition and food allergy.


Sydney Children’s Hospital Dietitian Research Discussion Group 2011. Joint development and co-ordination of monthly group providing mentoring and support to clinical Dietitians wishing to pursue research.


King M, Star A “Piloting a Social Marketing Campaign to Reduce Obesity Stigma and Encourage Healthy Behaviours in all Australian Adults” Workshop at the Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference May 2014

Beadle J,  Star A, McCormack J, Maartins N “A qualitative examination of young Australian women: Does childhood physical activity participation have a lasting impact of adult women body image” at Australia and New Zealand Obesity Society annual scientific meeting Melbourne October 2013

Heruc G, Star A, Harris D, Ashley M, Roberton M, Lord A “Nutrition basics for eating disorders: an education workshop for non-dietetic professionals” at Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders conference Melbourne August 2013

McCormack J, Star A, Beadle J, Maartins N  “Body Image and Sport:  A qualitative study” at Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders conference Melbourne August 2013

Star A. Obesity & Co-morbid Eating Disorders. Prevalence, Wellbeing, Prevention and Treatment Implications.Gold Coast Health and Medical Research Conference 2012

Star A, Savvaidis A, Hay P, Mond J. Eating Disorder Psychopathology and Nutritional Intake in Community Dwelling Women. Eating Disorder Research Society 18th Annual Meeting, Portugal. Poster Presentation. 20th-22nd  September 2012.

Star A. Eating and weight problems in the community: Prevalence, implications for mental health and community beliefs. PhD Pre Completion Seminar, James Cook University, Townsville, November 2010

Darby (néeStar) A, Rydge H. A brief introduction to Practical Counselling Techniques for Dietitians using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Motivational Enhancement Therapy. SCH Dietitian EBP workshop Feb 2010.

Darby (néeStar) A, Hay P, Mond J, Quirk F. Obesity prevention and treatment: Why we need to consider eating disorders. Oral Presentation, Dietitians Association of Australia 26th Annual Conference, Gold Coast, Queensland May 2008.

Star A. Confirmation PhD Seminar. “Eating disorders, weight disorders, quality of life and nutritional intake: Relationship and interactions over time”. Oral presentation, James Cook University, School of Medicine.

Hay PJ, Hogg A, Darby (néeStar) A, Eating disorders in primary care and targeted prevention: a pilot programme. Oral presentation at the QLD state-wide Eating Disorder Inter-Agency Networking meeting 6th February 2006

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